Championships RSVP & Rules

    At the conclusion of the Bellefontaine meet this weekend, coaches will start making entries for Championships on Saturday, July 16. It is EXTREMELY important that you take the time PRIOR to the meet on Saturday to update your child(ren)'s availability for Championships. (HUGE thanks to those who have already updated). Entries for Championships need to be completed much earlier than the standard meets so your cooperation is appreciated.

    Championship Eligibility and Entry Rules:

    1. To be eligible for Championships, each swimmer must have swum in at least two (2) regular season league meets. 
    2. Each swimmer may participate in no more than three (3) individual and two (2) relay events.
    3. Each team is allowed two (2) swimming entries and two (2) relay entries per event.

    There is a possibility that your child(ren) may be only participating in one event. Please take that into consideration when updating your RSVP. Keep in mind, that the meet is in Troy which is much closer than the other pool locations. 

    If your child(ren) is participating in more than one event, please take into consideration that you will be asked to work a shift at the meet. Each team is responsible for providing specific workers for the meet. The jobs and shifts are posted on the meet event, which you may start signing up for. Please be aware that stroke & turn and timers have meetings that they will have to attend prior to the start of the meet.

    We will have warmups at 7:40 am and the meet will start at 9:00 am. Historically, this meet does run significantly longer than the standard meets. I can't recall what time we finished last year but I'm thinking its in the 2:00 timeframe. 

    Spiritwear for Championships is available https://www.promoplace.com/tlgraphics/presentation...

    Questions? Please reach out. 

    See you at the POOL!

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