Botkins vs Tipp

    Attached is the heat sheet for the Botkins vs Tipp meet tomorrow (Thursday 6/30).

    • Warm ups are at 6:00. Please be ready to hop in the pool by 6:00.
    • This is a packed meet! 200 swimmers! It will be long. We have a very efficient volunteer staff who will keep this meet moving so it does not take longer than expected.
    • Anticipated Meet Ending: 8&Under 8:45 PM and 9&Up 10:30 PM.
    • Bullpen volunteers will be assisting gathering up 12 & Unders for their events. Please have the kid(s) sitting in the team bullpen area so they can be found easily.
    • Four heats/events are being combined:
      • Event 9/10 13-14 Medley Relays
      • E41 H2 combine with E42 H2 13-14 50 Fly
      • E57 H3 combine with E58 H2 11-12 25 Back
      • Event 85/86 15-18 Free Relays

    See you at the POOL!

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