Heat sheet & updated Volunteers

    I have attached two documents to this email - the heat sheet and updated volunteers.

    • I am looking for one stroke & turn 2nd shift and one Clerk of Course 2nd shift. If you are currently volunteering for either shift and would like to move, please let me know. If you are not volunteering and would love to help out the team, also let me know.
    • Heat sheet is attached. There are updates. Please use the "Search" function in your pdf application to make sure you are aware of what your child(ren) is swimming. A few swimmers are "swimming up" in relays (meaning swimming with an older age group).
    • These changes ARE NOT reflected in the heat sheet. If there is a (*) next to your child's last name, they have been added to the relay.
      • Event 9: 13/14 Girl Medley Relay: Vore, Crawford, Anderson, Powell (* swimup)
      • Event 83: 13/14 Girl Free Relay: Powell (* swimup), Crawford, Vore, Anderson
      • Event 5: 9/10 Girl Medley Relay "A": Berbach, Bathgate, Galyon, P Carroll (*)
      • Event 79: 9/10 Girl Medley Relay "B": Bathgate, P Carroll (*), Berbach, Galyon

    See you all around 5:30 at the Minster Pool!

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