Week 3 Update

    Few items as we wrap up week three!

    • Versailles meet results & ribbons are delayed. We hope to have them this weekend and will be filed into family folders during practice Monday.
    • RSVP for meet at Minster by Sunday PM https://tippmonroeswimteam.swimtopia.com/swim_meet... (most of you have this done - thank you!! 24 families still need to update).
    • Meet Scores have been updated to the website - same area as the results. Scores are based on place finishes in the first heat. Troy may have won the meet last week, but we rocked the block with only 2 1/2 practices.
    • Any changes to practices will be sent using the Remind text/messaging app. Thanks everyone for signing up. 

    See you at the pool! TMST

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