Tipp Vs Versailles

    Good Morning,

    Two important attachments to this email. The Heat Sheet and Volunteer Assignments.

    • The heat sheet is a scanned copy, so you will not be able to search for your child(s) name. The entries your child(ren) are swimming are listed in the event information on Swimtopia.  https://tippmonroeswimteam.swimtopia.com/swim_meet...
    • Please make sure your child(s) arm is marked with event, heat, lane info.
    • Any combined events/heats are marked on the heat sheet.
    • We need 110% volunteer participation for this evenings meet. I am looking for two additional volunteers to assist with bullpen second shift. Its my birthday today, so help out the birthday girl. Thanks!
    • Warm ups for Tipp are at 6:15. Please arrive to Versailles Pool with plenty of time to be ready to hop in the water at 6:15. I plan on arriving around 5:30 to scope out our bullpen area. Last time we swam at Versailles was 2019, so I forget the layout.
    • Stay hydrated! Bring tents, sportbrellas, sunscreen, bug spray (?). TMST will be bringing two tents as well for additional shade. 

    See you at the POOL!

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