Beginning of Season Info

    Welcome to the 2022 Swim Team season! The team has doubled in size compared to last year – however the numbers are comparable to pre-covid seasons. We have many new swim families as well as many returning families. The Board and Coaching staff are thrilled to have such a great turnout for the season. Our hope is that everyone has fun, grows to love the sport of swimming, and make improvements throughout the season. 

    • First practice is this evening! Things you will need: Swim suit (almost any swim suit will do for practices – please no two pieces), towel, swim team pass for entrance. Things that are optional but recommended: Goggles and swim cap. 
    • Questions? TMST Board members will be on site to answer any questions – we generally sit by the snack area at a round table. 
    • Practice Setup: We will need a few extra set of hands to assist with putting lane lines in and getting out swim equipment at 6:50. We will also need a few set of hands at 9:00 to assist with putting away swim equipment (historically, the “big kids” have been a huge help with this task).
    • Swim Meet RSVP: You can “RSVP” for the upcoming meets. Please RSVP “Attending” or “Not Attending”. A response of “Undeclared” will mean “Not Attending”. We have also opened up the end-of-season Championship meet. Not everyone will be able to attend, but if you know now that you will be out of town/unavailable, please RSVP “NO”. More information about each specific meet will be emailed out closer to the meet date. Please take this time to check your calendar and if you are able to attend/not attend please reflect in the RSVP. 
    • Volunteering: you can view what you have signed up for by selecting Welcome “<Your Name>” drop arrow at the top right hand corner – Select My Account – jobs are at the bottom of the page. The TMST Board understands that life happens and you may need to switch out a volunteer job – just come talk with us at practice or email us and we can move you around. 
    • Where does the money go? 
      • $30 Swim Team Pass – Tipp City Government – pays for guards/pool usage – swim team receives no money from this fee. 
      • $75 Reg Fee – coaches salary, insurance, 5C’s league dues, website, meet software, equipment (TMST owns the lane lines, kickboards, backstroke flags, starter, etc) end of season awards, home swim meet ribbons (1,100+ ribbons may be used in ONE home meet). 
      • $200 Pending Fee - authorization for TMST to charge your credit card ONLY if volunteer roles are not fulfilled at the discretion of TMST. Your card has NOT Been charged at registration. 
      • $60+ (Optional) – TMST Team suit & TMST Cap (optional). Participants are NOT required to purchase the team suit/team cap.

    See you at the pool!
    TMST Board

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